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Step by Step Guide to Implement New Features of Facebook & Instagram Shops

  • Post last modified:July 27, 2020
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Assuming that you already have your Facebook & Instagram for Business

First of all, if you are not familiar with Facebook shops at all, please read “Where can you list your products as a small business owner?” article first and then come back here to see the implementation.

Email received

I received below notification to my Instagram business account that was saying “set up your new shop. Now you can create collections and more”. When you click on this notification you can ask the instructions to be sent to your email address. I did so as I did not have time to check it out that day. The received email directed me here, the link for Facebook shops. On this page, there are different buttons you can click to get to the same landing page, just select one “get started” or “customize your shop now”. Then it gives me two options because I have two different eCommerce accounts linked to my Facebook account.

Facebook Commerce Manager

On this page it tells me already what commerce manager is for:
  • Create collections
  • Customize Your Shop
  • Publish Your Shop on Instagram and Facebook, or just in one of them only. If you do not want to be active on both platforms, then you may select only one platform to publish your shop.
I already have a shop page that shows my products on Facebook and Instagram, but before it was showing all products without any categories in one place, so I am looking forward to seeing what new features I will get when I continue. As I would like to try the commerce manager in Petibea first, I will select Petibea and click continue. Then click “Next” and Create Your Shop. After seeing this page, I will start with point number 1 and “Create a collection”.

Create Your First Collection

I created the collection for handmade bracelets, I filled in “Name” and “Description” sections shortly. You may write a longer description than I did below. Finally, I chose a cover image below. This cover image will be used only for this specific category I created. Later when I create different categories for this shop, I will use different images for each. (Above photo at the right) I click “next” button then I go to the next section which is “select items”.

Select Products

In this section, it says “Select 6 – 30 items from your catalog to create your collection. You can add additional items to your catalog in Catalog Manager. All items are reviewed to ensure they follow our Commerce Policies. Rejected items will not show up in your collection. On the collection page, items are individually sorted for each buyer based on their interests.” Please pay attention to commerce policies before you start with the shop. Mainly; you should not have any prohibited content such as adult products, alcohol, animal buying or selling, body parts, digital media, any listings that contain discrimination, gambling, financial instruments, sexual services, medical products, tobacco products, weapons, etc. or restricted content such as selling events tickets, gift cards, vouchers etc. Petibea website was built using WordPress and Woocommerce. As Facebook was already connected to the Woocommerce of Petibea, it is pretty easy at this point. I just filter the bracelets using the search box and click on them to select. Here it would be nicer if there was a small selection box next to each item in the drop-down menu so that I could know what is already selected and what is not or if I could stop seeing the products that I have already added to prevent confusion. When I selected the products, they got approved in seconds except one of them and I am planning to check that one later. After I selected some products, I clicked “Next” and I saw the last step which is “Review”. In this section, I can see the summary of my collection; how many items I selected, the cover photo of this collection, name and description of the collection. It says that it takes up to 24 hours that my collection items are reviewed and that is made sure that they followed Facebook’s Commerce Policies. I clicked “confirm” on the Review page and saw this pop-up box.

Facebook Shop Builder

I keep following the instructions, so now I need to go to “Shop Builder” to make my Facebook Shop collection live. Then I am welcomed with another pop-up that says “Shop Builder is where you can choose which collections you’d like to add to your shop and customize your shop’s look and feel. Your shop will have the same collections, layout and style on Instagram and Facebook.” I am eager to get started…

Layout and Style of Your Facebook / Instagram Shop

Here from this page, you can add more collections, change the layout, see how your shop will look like on Instagram or Facebook. Actually, this is a section of commerce manager and you can select different options from the menu on the sidebar such as “Home”, “Inventory”, “Collections”, “Shops”, “Settings”, “Permissions” and “Insights”. Of course, if you are managing more than one shop for different brands, you can switch between them as you do in Facebook Ads Manager. I am sure they will develop it more with time, right now in style options you can only select the text to be “regular” or “large” and button and link colour. I decided to customize the button and link color and I used one colour from Petibea logo. Button and link have to be the same color, there is no option to select different colours for each of them. Also, the button says “Shop” and you can not change the text and put a different call to action button. If you edit a collection later, it is removed from your shop while Facebook reviews the edits. To see the results of what I did above, you may visit Petibea on Instagram or Facebook and click on “Shop” option.

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