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5 Quick Tips for Making Sure that Your Newsletter Works

Why Do You Keep Losing Email Subscribers?

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Why do You Keep Losing Email Subscribers?

I like receiving newsletters when they are useful and not ending like “wanna know how, stay tuned”. I am sure many others feel the same. In some emails, although they started well at the beginning and offered you valuable information, it turns into something like this: you read, read and read waiting what good you will receive at the end of the email, but instead of getting any value from what you read, you are told to wait even longer, most probably for a course or service that wants your money in the end. Today while I was going through my emails, I saw one newsletter mail that was sent by Quincy Larson, the teacher who founded freecodecamp as he calls himself. He was not only sharing links that are worth knowing and read in my precious time, it was also ending with an inspirational quote that made my morning; “Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex. It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage – to move in the opposite direction.” – Ernst Schumacher Lots of people are programmed to live in the way they were raised without making any changes in their lives and they feel comfortable about it. Others are devoted to making changes and walk away from the crowd, doing something different. This requires a lot of courage and hard work as nothing would come to you on a plate. You would have to deal with the criticism and learn to be ignorant towards people that are afraid even watching what you do and try to stop or encourage you nonstop. The only thing you need to do is to keep walking in the direction you choose. Well, enough philosophy for now. I will give some tips to prepare an efficient newsletter. I considered that you have already decided if you need a newsletter because not everyone needs to have a newsletter.

5 Quick Tips for Making Sure that Your Newsletter will be read and people will not click unsubscribe!

1- Communicate with the potential subscribers in advance

If you have a funnel on your website that leads people to subscribe for your newsletter, make sure you let them know what they will receive and how often. Of course, your landing page needs to be optimized for this purpose. If they know what to expect from the beginning, you will have fewer unsubscriptions and you will reach only to the people that see value in receiving your newsletters.

 2- Do not promote 100% through your newsletter! 

Use 10% promotion – 90% valuable information proportion This is the main idea; to share educational and relevant information with your newsletter. Not using it only as a promotional tool. If you have an eCommerce in which you sell kids’ toys, then share “what kind of toys are risky” or “why it is important to give the kids toys for their age” kind of relevant and educational information. Anything that gives the feeling as if “you are chasing the reader and pushing forward to talk with them to promote your product until they are in the corner of a street where they can not run away from you anymore” will make you lose them. Even if they liked your brand or the first product they bought from your shop, they will get this feeling similar to trying to scream and can’t make a sound.

 3- Your Subject Line Needs to be self-explanatory

An attractive subject line that will make people want to click and read your newsletter, at the same one that is not a clickbait. 

Good Example: 

A Guide to Becoming a Better Writer: 4 Practical Tips Remote Jobs of This Week

NOT Good Example:

“My new book is for you” (I do not open this, you don’t know me personally and I have no clue what your book is about) Free Gift: Career Coaching Workshop (This one at the beginning looks like a workshop and you can benefit from it and learn something, but if you read carefully between words, it smells too much promotion. “Free Gift”; who charges for a gift anyway! I already know that even if I join this workshop, if it is 1 hour in total, at least 45 minutes of that will be just promotional. There are also some uses in which the subject line does not even fit in the space, it is too long. I do not even want to write about them

4- Your Opening Line Should Be Awesome

Awesome does not mean using a lot of emojis and writing everything in capital letters.  In most emails, the opening line of your email will show up in the inbox. For example, Gemma + Laura’s newsletter is already telling me with its opening line that I might be increasing my productivity if I keep reading.

 5- Test Your Language, Content and Your Readers

Which call to action copy or design made them click and move deeper in the funnel. What kind of subject lines did you use when you lost many subscribers or was your most successful newsletter with images or without images? Do all links you provide in your newsletter work? Does your newsletter open efficiently on all devices?  There are many things to consider while writing a newsletter which depends on your service, product and audience mostly. There is no one way of doing things that is why testing is essential. In case your marketing email is not optimized yet and you are getting many clicks to the unsubscribe button, do not forget to put an option for reducing the frequency of the emails for the people that would like to unsubscribe. You should give some options on the unsubscription page so that you learn from your mistakes, you learn about your audience and maybe save some of your audience in this last point of losing them. After this, you would need to apply tactics to reengage this almost lost audience. Like all other tools that you use to reach more readers, subscribers, buyers, etc. newsletter is also a tool that will work if you know how to utilize it.
See you in another article, cheers!

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